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“Walk the site, without being onsite!”

Precision Facility Group has solved the challenges of lack of visibility and validation. Whether your project scopes include transitions, activations, moves, furniture services, new construction FF&E or decommissioning projects, PFG can give you full transparency to project progression and status in real-time. Along with photos and video, PFG›s Remote Control solution is an easy-to-use tool that provides collaborative documentation in an easy to deploy and use environment!

Empowering project managers, move managers and clients through easy to deploy technologies, PFG manages the “brick & mortar” services that provide transportation, delivery, installation, removal and storage to the Corporate Workplace, Healthcare, Hospitality & Retail sectors.

Problems of managing services in a post-covid-19 world

PFG’s Remote Control is a hybrid tool that captures data in the field and synchronizes data in real-time with offsite personnel, including project managers and clients. Remote Control is manufacturer agnostic and seamlessly collaborates with legacy systems and SAAS solutions. Using a phone, tablet, or laptop Remote Control anyone can provide valuable information back to teammates, project managers, or clients. Providing just-in-time business decisions that are critical when companies need to adapt quickly to uncertain project conditions.

COVID-19 has impacted organizations in a large way, especially those that continue to require onsite services. Travel restrictions and lack of access have impacted productivity. While lack of visibility to the work environment compounds issues with the accuracy of floorplans, inventories, or status of a project.

Validate inventories in real time

Anyone with a phone, tablet, or laptop can capture the information you need using a wi-fi or cellular connection

Capture assets and floor plans, etc. in real time

Combine documents, pictures and video for more seamless workflows

Collaborate with remote teams in real time

One-to-one communication guarantees your remote team is staying on task. Helping to reduce costly change orders

Bring critical information into view

Remote teams can share their real-time view with a project manager or client, assuring projects stay on track

Communicate detailed descriptions

Provide accurate assessments from the field, including progress reports during a move or transition project

At your fingertips

Easy to understand solutions that provide real-time updates of activity and assets utilizing dashboards, with customized detail documentation!

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