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Warehouse worker using hand scanner in warehouse

The last couple years have been challenging for companies that need flexible warehouse space for growth, projects, distribution and short-term requests. The explosion of Amazon, the effects of Covid, and general growth in online shopping have turned available warehouse space into a precious commodity across the nation.

Companies struggling to complete projects and grow their business are spending far too much time searching for space and are sometimes left with only option, a long-term lease. This can increase costs to the point of eliminating profitably and increases a company’s liability. Obviously, there is a need for consolidation of available space in the marketplace.

Precision Facility Group realized this need in 2020 and launched Precision Warehousing,, to provide an immediate solution for companies requiring flexible warehousing space. The site consolidates warehousing resources of hundreds of locations nationally, into one integrated solution. It is not efficient for company representatives to call every potential warehouse location in a market to find space. The PFG Warehousing site creates a one stop location to submit your request with detailed needs and provides a solution back within 24 hours.

Consolidating available space and making it available to clients in need hasn’t been an area that the market has done a sufficient job in solving. PFG has broken new ground with a user friendly web tool and an extensive warehouse network to provide clients with quick solutions to urgent and changing needs.

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