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Hospitality FF&E on Remote Control

Interior of a modern upmarket restaurant

Fortunately, travel and tourism are beginning to gain momentum as millions of people receive COVID-19 vaccinations. One of the industries hardest hit by coronavirus, hospitality, is on the rebound. Projects that were on hold are now ramping up and time is of the essence. Do you have the technology solution to pull all the components of your project into one simple, easy to manage tool?
Whether you are managing one or several hotels, you are likely working remotely in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Work with a team that offers global FF&E logistics, transportation, and installation supported by a technology tool that captures and synchronizes all your data in real time. PFG Logistics’ technology solution, Remote Control, allows us to manage vendors, carriers, transportation, warehouse inventory, final mile delivery, and installation. With an experienced and trusted logistics network of partners around the globe with readily available mobile devices and platform-agnostic technology, we provide real-time, on-site visibility at any stage in the supply chain anywhere around the globe.
Because Remote Control is accessible by using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, we can provide immediate and valuable information back to project managers, stakeholders, and team members to guarantee your project is on time and at or below budget.
Remote Control allows us to proactively manage vendors from purchase order to receipt of the product. To learn more about how we can help to successfully complete your project, please contact us at

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