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Connect, Collaborate, Compete

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Connect, Collaborate, Compete
During a news show yesterday, I heard the commentator mention these three words. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that these three words helped define business in 2020. Most businesses were forced to pivot the way they did things and for a lot of us including myself, we had to pivot our business lives as well.
The business world has been moving to a more connected environment that helps people collaborate over great distances, giving companies that do this the ability to compete across a greater geographic area. The need to have everyone working in the same place literally went away with 2020 and COVID-19. From what I have read, the coronavirus just sped up the process of businesses using the tools of technology to offer better solutions and services, without the need to have physical locations. Instead, relying on networks of proven employees, contractors, and companies to get work done.
So, for 2021, I am going into the year with these three words; Connect, Collaborate, Compete.

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